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Finding the Right Vancouver Condo For You

With housing real estate prices at high levels all across the country, residents of Vancouver have begun rediscovering the pleasures of condo living once again. Not only is this type of property commonly located near the downtown area and gives an unbelievable amount of convenience to occupants, it also requires a lower amount of maintenance compared to a house. For a younger individual, it is also an affordable alternative to owning a detached house.

Things to Consider When Looking to Purchase a Condo

Before you proceed to looking for Vancouver condos for sale, there are some factors that are worth your consideration:

  • There is no point in living in a condo if it is too far from your place of work or school. It is also important that it provides good access to and from recreational facilities, grocery stores, and entertainment.
  • Determine the level of security that your prospected condo building has, as well as see if current occupants have a pleasant experience living in the building.
  • Whether you drive or not, it is recommended to get a condo with a corresponding parking space. You may also want to inquire about how much space there is for visitor parking.
  • There is rarely enough storage in a condo, so it is recommended that you get a condo that has storage lockers when possible.
  • A condo with a great view can help daily living become more appealing, but can also be a good contributor in the resale value of your home.

Ultimately, your personal preferences will determine which factors will play a big role in choosing from several condos for sale. You will also have to consider the financial aspect of getting a unit:

  • How much does the condo cost?
  • Is the condo a re-sale or brand new, and how does that factor into the price?
  • Will you need to take out a mortgage? How much can you qualify for and afford?
  • What other requirements do you need for a successful transaction?

While not exactly the same as purchasing a house, a condo is a significantly large investment that involves making the right decisions for yourself and your family. At RE/MAX Crest Realty Richmond, our real estate professionals help you get answers to all the important questions you have about buying a condo, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.

Apart from the experience and expertise we share with you, we also provide access to the foremost selection of condos currently for sale in Vancouver. We can help you find the mortgage or financing program with rates that fit your current financial situation.

For more information on our service areas, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Vancouver, Canada, and the province of British Columbia, click here.

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